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What can I do for you?

With over twenty years of experience in many fields of set and event design, I can provide any part of your design needs, from the original development of concept through to the final dressing and rigging of the space, and the subsequent de-rig and disposal. I can provide something as simple as getting a costume part made, or as complex as the concept and design for a play or a major televised event, and with over sixteen years experience of designing for theatre, I am rigorous about keeping to budgets.

Sonia Haccius

  • Sonia Haccius
    Sonia Haccius

My Services

 Set Design

I can interpret and design your ideas for stage or event creatively and sensitively, within budget.

 Set Dressing

I have over twenty years of experience in putting up and installing decor into a variety of spaces from shop windows to open fields, and can call on an experienced teams of riggers, dressers and makers

 Costume and Prop Sourcing

I can call on years of experience and contacts to find your perfect costume or prop.

 Prop Making

...and if it can't be found, I can make it!


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