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Breakaway glass suppliers

I found that the suppliers of the meltable breakaway glass had a very rudimentary idea of how to use the stuff, so I’m posting a guide here.  The material is bought in from the UK.  Flints http://www.flints.co.uk/content 

 were between suppliers of the breakaway glass, and have a tortuous non-system for selling outside of the UK, so I got my material from Jacobsens Chemicals http://www.flints.co.uk/content/  who supply a minimum of 20kg.  (Flints supply a minimum of 1kg). It comes in slabs of milky looking plastic, and there are always a few pieces of foamy bubbly white stuff, which are unusable.

The raw material

Piece cast from the white scummy material.

Useless, air filled dross.

30 November 2017 Posted By : admin 1 Comments
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20 April 2018Posted By : Tiffany Montgomery 1 Comments


I’m the Materials Team Lead for The Escape Game based in Nashville, TN. We currently are using 300 breakaway glass panes a month for all of our locations across the country. By the end of this year, our store count will be rapidly increasing and we will be needing to get 1,100 a month. The dimensions of these panes measure at 5″ x 5 5/8″.

Would anyone be available to give me a quote for 300 panes and also for 1,100 panes today?

Thank you!


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