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Great Stuff at the V&A

I’ve just come back from London, where I  went to the Victoria & Albert Museum for the first time in years. I went with a friend to see the Balenciaga retrospective, and stayed to see the Women’s Hour Craftsperson prize and Opera:Passion Power & Politics.  The Balenciaga was fun (I never realised how much he influenced all fashion since the 60’s), the Womens Hour Craft exhibition was humbling (Phoebe Cummins work is astonishing) and the Opera exhibition was really interesting – especially comparing the different  interpretations of the same scene. 

I asked a composer friend “What is the difference between an opera, an operetta and a musical?”  It seems that Opera is sung throughout (except when it isn’t, like in The Magic Flute which is a Songspiel ) and Operetta has spoken text interspersed with song, and a musical is operetta for the 20th and 21st Century. So now I know.

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