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How It Is (Part 1) by Gare St Lazare

How It Is (Part 1)

Gare St Lazare have adapted this Beckett Novel for the stage.  Not being familiar with it I did a quick wikipedia search and the description made my heart sink.  Part 1-  man crawls through the mud, Part 2 – he meets someone- that person leaves, Part 3- man crawls through the mud again. Text written without punctuation.

From this paucity of plot, Gare St Lazare (and I suppose Beckett himself) have created a beautiful hypnotic piece of work, rhythmic and lyrical, punctuated by sounds and beautiful images, and also by the sound of breaking glass, which was the final resting place of the breakaway glass panels described in previous posts. 

I’ve often gone to a Beckett play and regretted it – this time I’m glad my expectations were wrong. I cant wait for parts 2 and 3!

06 February 2018 Posted By : admin 1 Comments
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25 March 2019Posted By : admin 1 Comments

Update – How It Is has been nominated for a total of 4 Irish Times Awards – Best Director, Best Actor, Best Lighting Design and Best Sound Design. All richly deserved, and I’m looking forward to the awards and the upcoming Part 2 in September!


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