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Melt – Rough Magic

This was a great idea for a story – firstly it’s set in Antarctica, in a storm, which is already exciting.  Then you have a wonderful juxtaposition of scientists and magical realism.  I loved the scene where the two scientists were studying the baby found under the ice, trying to be detached about it.

-It’s a baby.


-It appears to be a female baby…it exhibits all the signs.

Seeing as it was set in Antartica, I was looking forward to seeing some other-wordly blue sculptural shapes, or some sense of mystery, but the set (by Sarah Bacon) was a rather prosaic interior of a shabby hut.  Sometimes, when you have to solve practical problems (in this case lowering Owen Roe into a pit that in reality was about 70cm deep) it can be easy to get distracted by problem solving and forget about aesthetics.  This set was very realistic, not much magical.  The pit was beautiful, though. A frosted metallic interior subtly lit, hinting at  enormous depths.

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